Photorealistic Renders

Shot on my DSLR with no external lighting. For the best results I captured the photos on an overcast day. I raised the boot over the table so I could gather details underneath. I locked the exposure and set the shutterspeed quick enough for shooting handheld.

After importing the model, I created a rig to add some squash and stretch on the boots sole. Also I set a bend deformer (on the toe) to increase its strength when the boot rotates.

After taking many photos from every angle of the boot, roughly 60% overlap between each photo. I imported the photos into Reality Capture software. Here I got my mesh and texture.

I used popular hiking quotes and mixed in them in with the various different renders. Camera movement is what separates CGI and filming real boot. I chose some quick and complex movements to really grab the audiences attention, before the key message.

I used Octane renderer because I want to achieve photorealism in my renders. Octane works similiar to real life, so I mimicked how a photograther would setup their lighting in a studio

Since this is fake advert I had to supply my own logo. I drew around the outline of my boot and positioned and filled the shape of the boot. Then I manually tweeked the words, so they're easier to read.

I designed the music around a ticking clock and drum beat spaced out so its not distracting. I recorded my own footstep for the end shot. The bird and rain sounds drown out the music to symbol a calmer tone.


Photorealism research project. In this project I learnt how to use photogrammetry and the Octane renderer.